Fredo la estrella del norte

EST. 1884


Pioneering the preparation of Cantabrian spring anchovies since 1884

Fredo la Estrella del Norte is the result of the artisan tradition of salt-cured anchovies paired with the values and vision of a new management and leadership team.

In May 2018, a historic company in the tradition of salt-cured Cantabrian anchovies was brought back to life. All the tradition and experience that has been poured into the Fredo products since 1965 is now being revived on the same site as always, in partnership with new shareholders and a new management and leadership team. The fate of this historic company crossed paths with the entrepreneurial Huerta family to safeguard one of our region's most valuable assets.

The origins of Fredo date back to 1884, but it wasn't until 1965 when the preparation of salt-cured anchovies and anchovy fillets arrived in Cantabria. The Company, founded by Chiafredo Nasari, decided to move to what it believed was the best fishing area for anchovies in the world: the Cantabrian Sea. So the family left its native country of Italy in order to supply this same country with this exquisite product, straight from the source.

The company went from strength to strength until the 2000s when a shortage of this valuable fish triggered a huge crisis. The over fifty families who depended on Fredo were faced with what looked like the inevitable closure of the company.

After a total stoppage of all activity, the rebirth of Fredo has begun through this new but historic project. Fredo la Estrella del Norte is the result. A new, highly qualified leadership team with excellent industry experience, a sound shareholding group bringing vision and full commitment and, most importantly, the know-how of our cleaning and filleting team who for decades have been expertly preparing the best anchovies in the world, right here in Cantabria.


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